Jumbo Pistachio (KALE GHOOCHI)

Jumbo Pistachio (KALE GHOOCHI)
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18/20 - 20/22 - 22/24 - 24/26

Kaleghoochi pistachio is one of the most famous types of pistachios in Iran. It is sensitive to shortage of water and its leaves are complex. On the whole Jumbo pistachio is not being budded anymore and production is from existing trees. Although commercially quite successful, Jumbo pistachio trees showed a steep drop in growth and production as they grew older than 40 years old.
Flowering begins on April 7 and ends on April 12. Kaleghoochi pistachio pod is one of the early flowering cultivars, it is more at risk of spring cold. The harvest time of Kaleghoochi pistachio is the second decade of September.
Jumbo pistachio is the bestseller pistachio ,This type of pistachio  is most similar to California pistachios. The reason why it is tastier than the others is it is fattier.  The color of the Jumbo Pistachio shell is naturally light cream, Jumbo pistachio features a round and delicious kernel protected with a light cream shell
 As it is clear from its name, it has one of the largest kernels and producers categorize it as extra-large pistachio. The reason why it is tastier than the other type of pistachio is that it is fattier. Also. it is one of the high demand pistachios in Iran`s Market
Iranian pistachio growers produce and supply 70% of the world’s Jumbo pistachio. The warm days and cool nights of the desert, along with the rich soils of cities in central Iran, make a perfect condition for growing Jumbo pistachio
Pistachios are fragile products. To protect them from various contamination kinds, we pack them properly in 25 and 50 kg packages.
TARAAVA, as an expert in supplying and exporting pistachio has always been trying to satisfy customers’ demand and meet the latest international standard frameworks.