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Kernel (Global)
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Normal Pistachio Kernel with the greenish-yellow is one of the processing products of pistachios prepared through breaking the different types of closed-shell pistachios including Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari, Jumbo, Fandoghi, depending on our customer’s demands.
To produce this product, close-shelled pistachios are first poured into the crushing machine. In the next step, the machine breaks and separates the skin and kernel. During this process, some pistachios are damaged and fractured due to impact and pressure. Accordingly, broken and healthy pistachio kernels are separated and prepared to enter the local and foreign markets for different applications.

This product needs special care due to its high oil content during storage and transportation, Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. The coating of the Kernel contains antioxidant that protects the Kernel and prevent it from turning yellow. One of the best types of Pistachio in Iran is Kaleghoochi Pistachio, which is similar in appearance to round pistachios, but its dimension is slightly larger. Due to the size of this type of pistachio kernel, the export of this pistachio kernel has a high value.
Due to its proper climate, Iran is one of the largest exporters and producers of pistachio kernels. The production process of this product is controlled in several stages to avoid chemical and microbial contamination by the quality control unit. 
Our high-quality pistachio kernels are sourced from local farms in Iran where the special warm and dry climate contribute to the high nutritional value and great taste of this amazing product.