Their shape is a bit elongated and their color varies from brown to dark brown. The skin often sticks to the tender fleshy part and the low amount of moisture makes them fall under the semi-dry group. With their natural sweetness and refreshing aroma, our Sayer dates are here to provide you with the highest quality available in the market.
Another specialty straight out of the dry southern lands, the Iranian Sayer Dates have found a stable standing among other outgoing Persian-dedicated dates, both in domestic usage and exportations.
 The superb Sayer/Stamaran date is packed with various salubrious compounds, lots of nutrients, and cellulose stacks beyond belief. The date crust only contains 18% humidity; therefore, it is considered a semi-dry type. The dates come in a traditional dark-browned hue with some slightly lighter yellow veins across the body or poles.
This magnificent date also swarms with natural sugar – levels passing 75% – making it one of the most sweetened dates. The pure and healthy sugar stacks have turned the sugary fruit into a potent finger-sized energy bar that quenches the human body’s thirst.
The enormous antioxidants reserves found in the dates are natural gifts in the fight against cancer. The fatty Magnesium levels help patients with any digestive uneasiness, and the natural Iron reserves in the meat can entirely make-up for any kind of iron deficiency.
The stones can be easily peaked out and cleared from the meat, which means we have two main “Pitted” and “Un-pitted” categories.

The Pitted Sayer Dates‘ classes can be categories into four:

  • Super Select: Befitting its title, the very best of the Sayer/Stamaran pitted stashes don’t only cost an arm and a leg but can also be mistaken for small pieces of rock; in a one-kilogram package, you can find only around 65 to 70 dates.
  • Select: Only one step behind the Super Select class, the “Select” Sayer dates come in smaller shapes with 80 to 85 fruits per kilo.
  • GAQ: Probably the most economical and popular ones, the GAQ class ravages the market both in quality and quantity – having 110 to 115 dates in a one-kilogram bag. However, collecting the dates at the beginning of the harvest season has proven to be somehow troublesome.
  • FAQ: The FAQ class usually ends up in industrialized processes and is utilized as an additional ingredient to other products. The pack usually contains over 125 dates per kilo.

The Un-pitted Sayer date is being traded under two different categories in the global market:

  • Select: With 70 to 75 dates in a one-kilogram bag, the “Un-pitted Select” class falls under the category of large-sized Sayer/Stamaran dates.
  • GAQ: This is a fairly smaller-sized class where 90 to 100 dates are packed in a one-kilogram packaging bag/box.


   Shape: Bit elongated
   Color: Brown to dark brown
   Size: 3 to 5 cm
   Texture & appearance: Long, oval, semi-dried, Snack, round
  Taste: Sweet without extra taste
   Rate of damage: 0.3%
   Humidity: < 15%
  Time of being expired: 18 month
   Harvest Time: September
  Storage Condition: Cool & dry place

Storage Condition:

Will be safe for 18 months stored at 08°C and for 12 months at 15°C in a dry and ventilated atmosphere away from sunlight. They should be stored away from any material with a strong odor or products that are easy to be infested.

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