one of the most suitable dates for export in Iran is Zahedi date, which is also known as Qasb and it is called Zahdi in Arabic. This date is one of the best-selling dates in Iran and other countries due to its very simple storage place and maintaining conditions and its many fans.
Zahedi dates are recognizable through their yellowish light brown color and sweet taste and natural aroma. Free-flowing Zahedi dates with an almost hard texture and low moisture, are categorized as semi-dry dates.
The shape of this fruit is elongated oval and its end is quite narrow and sharp. The fruit turns yellow in the Kharek stage, light brown in the wet stage and pale reddish to yellow in the date stage. It is very high quality dates type and is suitable for storage and easy transportation and is considered as an export cultivar.
Zahedi dates are one of the types of dried dates in the world. The cultivation of Zahedi dates is very large in Iran, so that it is cultivated from the western south regions of the country such as Kermanshah (Qasr-e-Shirin), Khuzestan, Bushehr, Hormozgan province and south of Fars province.


   Shape: Elongated oval
   Color: Yellow to Light Brown
   Size: 3 to 4 cm
   Texture & appearance: Short, oval, thick, elongated & at the end it is quite narrow & sharp
  Taste: Sweet without extra taste
   Rate of damage: 0.3%
   Humidity: < 16%
  Time of being expired: 18 month
   Harvest Time: September
  Storage Condition: Cool & dry place

Worldwide Demand for the Dates

Zahedi is one major species of dried Date with huge annual yield. This Date can be considered as the most frequently used kind of Date fruit in Iran and can be grown in most tropical cities of Iran. The largest portion of this product is consumed in domestic markets, but due to production growth with high quality during the recent years steps have been taken for exporting this product.


Storage Condition:

Will be safe for 18 months stored at -4°C in a dry and ventilated atmosphere away from sunlight. They should be stored away from any material with a strong odor or products that are easy to be infested.

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