Rabbi dates are one of the most famous dates in Sistan and Baluchestan province.
Rabbi Date is a kind of commonly cultivated date in Iran. With dark brown color, and meaty flesh, sticking to its skin, Rabbi is considered a semi-dried kind of date. Our Rabbi dates are picked from ripe fruits and cleaned, sorted and X-ray Scanned afterwards. With natural date aroma, sweet taste, and without insect or mite damage, mold, or contamination, we provide you with the highest quality available in the market.
The price of these delicious dates are directly related to the exact time and method of harvesting. Of course, the market demand cannot be ignored and is one of the important reasons in determining the price of dates
Rabbi dates are delivered to the consumer in standard packages of 5 and 10 kg. In order to improve the quality of the product and maintain the appearance and taste of dates, it is recommended that orders be registered in 5kg packages.


   Shape: Long
   Color: Reddish Black
   Size: 4 to 5 cm
   Texture and appearance: Meaty flesh, sticking to its skin, semi-dried
   Taste: Sweet without extra taste
   Rate of damage: 0.5%
   Humidity: < 15%
  Time of being expired: 18 month
   Harvest Time: September
  Storage Condition: Cool & dry place

Worldwide Demand for the Dates

In the international and export markets, Rabbi Date is known as a semi-dried Date fruit which has notable economic benefits for palm owners. Growing and cultivation of Rabbi Date fruit due to the growing capabilities and resistance against low irrigation play an important role in agriculture industry of Iran! Therefore, in addition to the domestic demand, the international markets demand for this Iranian product.


Storage Condition:

Will be safe for 18 months stored at 8°C and for 12 months at 15°C in a dry and ventilated atmosphere away from sunlight.

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