Kalouteh Dates, also known as Kaliteh Dates and kali Dates are one other type of fresh dates or wet dates in Iran that is same as Bam mazafati date The special features of Kaliteh date are low moisture, high fiber and the price lower than mazafati dates.

Kaluteh Date is one of the most popular types of dates in Iran and has been able to attract many enthusiasts due to its quality. Kaliteh dates are very similar to the Mazafati dates, and the difference between these two date varieties can be considered in the Kalita Dates color of the Mazafati dates. Kaloute dates have a soft and moist tissue, and the meat is easily opened in the mouth. Kalooteh Date is Similar to Mozafati Dates with less moisture and more fiber.


   Shape: Oval
   Color: Light and rich brown
   Size: 4 to 5 cm
   Texture and appearance: Soft and puffy, with smooth skin and sticking together
   Taste: Sweet without extra taste
   Rate of damage:1%
   Humidity: < 17%
  Time of being expired: More 1 year
   Harvest Time: September
  Storage Condition: Cool & dry place

Worldwide Demand for the Dates

Kaluteh date has a growing market in the most countries such as Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, India, Russia, UAE & Chile.

Storage Condition:

Kaloute dates have sweet taste, soft texture, large size, high shelf life (12 – 18 months) & package of retail /bulk and keeping condition at 0 - 5° C temperature.

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