Long Pistachio (AHMAD AGHAEI)

Long Pistachio (AHMAD AGHAEI)
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This nut is rather large and its fruit is almond shaped. It can be harvested in late September. The newest commercial variety, very popular with the farmers, because of high yield and its shorter time to reach production. It is very popular in some markets like eastern Asia in particular China and India and Greece. Production of this variety is increasing. It also has the whitest shell hue among the long type.
The most common character to identify Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is that the shape is long but the length of each piece is different.This type of pistachio is a great source of healthy fats, fiber, protein, antioxidants and various nutrients, including vitamin B6 and potassium
Keeping condition,Users can keep these pistachios at room temperature. A room which has good air ventilation and it is free of dust. However, In our professional opinion, it is better to keep them in the Refrigerator which is cool (below 5 Centigrade) and dry with proper air ventilation.
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