Super Long Pistachio (AKBARI)

Super Long Pistachio (AKBARI)
High Quality Pistachio in
20/22 - 22/24 - 24/26

Akbari pistachio is a very long and well-shaped pistachio (Super Long) that has its own customers almost all over the world, Its shell is the darkest skin and it has the highest economic value among four varieties. and this can have various reasons, which, according to pistachio experts, due to the easy peeling of this pistachio, the feeling It is good and in practice is classified as a luxury pistachio which is mostly exported to Arabic countries.
In terms of price, it usually always has a higher price than other type of pistachios,Akbari Pistachio which is known internationally with names like Super Long Pistachio is really popular because of its elegant look and amazing taste.
The most delicate type of Super Long pistachio is raised in Anar, a southern city in Iran, with warm days and cool nights. Anar is also the perfect place for growing Super Long pistachio because its soils offer the high calcium carbonate necessary for pistachio trees.
In order to maintain the rich quality and flavor of our pistachios, we carefully sort, pack and store them. Right now, we offer Super Long pistachios in 25 and 50 kg gunnies to our customers across the world.
As one of the most experienced and key players of the pistachio production industry, TARAAVA is ready to provide the highest quality super long pistachio. If you ever look for a premium Akbari pistachio and an on-time delivery with the best available price in the market