Round Pistachio (Fandoghi)

Round Pistachio (Fandoghi)
High Quality Pistachio in
28/30 - 30/32 - 32/34

Another name for Fandoghi pistachio is Ouhadi pistachio. The reason for naming it with this name also goes back to a person named Mehdi Ouhadi.
They smile, taste good, shine in color, and overall, feel awesome. What more could you possibly ask for? While no larger than other pistachios, round pistachios surpass typical hazelnuts in size but still are recognized as the relatively smaller ones of the family.
This type of Pistachio is the least expensive type among all the pistachios. The reason why its price is lower than other types is because of its shape and high production volume in addition to low domestic demand. So, Round Fandoghi Pistachio forms most of the volume of pistachio export from Iran. The color of the Round Pistachio shell is naturally light cream. Also, it has the greenest kernel. Therefore, the greenness of its kernel and the reasonable price is the reason why producers mostly use Fandoghi to produce.
Farmers grow pistachios in provinces that have a proper climate for pistachios, such as Kerman, Khorasan, Yazd, Markazi or cities like Damghan. This variety has medium growth vigor and a spread crown. It grows up to 3 m in height. A comparison between Fandoghi cultivar and Kale ghoochi cultivar trees shows that the apical dominance is stronger for Fandoghi

The harvest season for new crop is late September until Mid- October each year. Beginning to bloom in Fandoghi variety is 30 March (medium flowering). Since the flowering stage in Fandoghi begins later than Kale ghoochi, it is not exposed to spring frost.
So, we suggest booking your order for the new crop and contact us in the first weeks of September.